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Default Oriental Metal - the new, and the awesome genre!

Oriental Metal - this is a new genre is stumbled upon when I was searching for new kinds of progressive metal bands. Oriental Metal bands incorporate Middle Eastern traditional instruments and percussion in their songs, backed by powerful melodious vocal chants in the background. I cannot simply stop eating the stuff. I always wanted to see traditional instruments to be incorporated with Metal. Scandinavian Folk Metal scene has some awesome bands, incorporating their traditional instruments - like the Bagpipes, Flutes, Hurdy-Gurdy etc. And then we have Ill Nino and Soulfly incorporating Latin percussions and rhythms in their songs. But out of all of the cultures, the Middle Eastern - mostly Egyptian - music culture captivated me the most - and I was amazed to finally stumble upon bands which did incorporate that particular culture into their music.
I have so far listened to two Oriental Metal bands, and I have loved them both. The first one is "Orphaned Land" (forerunners of the Oriental Metal scene); I have three of their studio albums - the last two, "Mabool" and "The Never Ending Way Of The ORwarrior" being their very best. "Amaseffer" released only one album, "Slaves For Life", and they will be releasing the next album at early 2011, called "When The Lions Leave Their Den". Oh, both the bands are from Israel, by the way.

Anyway, anyone else heard of them or any other oriental metal bands? Any recommendations? Of course, if you want to listen to some material, you can try the following songs: "Slaves For Life" (Amaseffer) (8:28) - the whole song is just amazing; "Birth Of Deliverance" (Amaseffer) (11:11) - I love the chorus of this song; "Zipporah" (Amaseffer) (6:10) - it is Middle Eastern folk song at its best, not very metal though, but explains what is being incorporated in the music; "Birth Of The Three (The Unification)" (Orphaned Land) (6:58) - when Mandolins are played in metal, it is magic; "Norra el Norra" (Orphaned Land) (4:24) - not the best of song, but the tune is annoyingly catchy and it does not get out of the head - so play again; Sapari (Orphaned Land) (4:04) - the first song from their latest album which I just downloaded, and whoa, is this song amazing or what - especially the drum tracks are nicely composed; "From Broken Vessels" (Orphaned Land) (7:36) - obviously this is completely progressive metal, but the tunes of the song is just amazing - and I am still listening to the rest of the album.

Here are some of their songs from YouTube:-

Orphaned Land - Sapari

Orphaned Land - From Broken Vessels

Orphaned Land - Barakah

Orphaned Land - Codeword Uprising

Orphaned - Olat Ha'tamid

Amaseffer - Slaves For Life

Amaseffer - Zipporah

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